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  • The doctor informs the patient about her condition.

    What Are The Different 7 Stages Of ALS Disease?

    Do you know the different 7 stages of ALS disease? If your loved one is suffering from this condition, knowing these various stages can help them prepare for what is coming next. Amyotrophic lateral sclerosis (ALS) is a frightening condition that no one wishes to have. Physical changes that may happen with ALS might cause trouble keeping the mouth clean. You can contact this clinic to help ALS patient and other special patients to address their dental needs and get relief from this concern. In any case, this article will explore the different stages of amyotrophic lateral sclerosis, including its early symptoms.

  • ALS diagnosis is one of the devastating news a person could ever receive.

    Early ALS Symptoms Stories: Untold From ALS Patients

    Early ALS symptoms stories differ from one patient to another. Each patient has their version of how they are diagnosed with ALS, how they live with ALS symptoms, and how it affects the people surrounding them. The symptoms of ALS may include difficulties in speech, swallowing, and salivation that can cause mouth problems. Given this point, people living with ALS can prevent these dental issues by maintaining good oral health. Every individual has to practice proper dental hygiene, with or without ALS.

  • ALS Physical therapy, a touch of hope.

    ALS Physical Therapy: How Does It Improve A Patient’s Living?

    ALS physical therapy can help patients learn to adjust and cope up with their physical disabilities. With the use of this therapy, patients gain chances of maximizing what they can do at present. They can even go to a remedial massage therapist. These therapists know how to locate the source of muscle pain and treat it effectively. However, how does physical therapy address ALS? That we will find out as we go along this article. Before we get to that part, let us first know a few details about ALS or Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis. Come and join me!