how large is your breast?

Breast reduction cost can vary. The price may include various items that can affect your final fee. Later on, we will further discuss more information about this. In the meantime, you can visit and check out their services.


What is breast reduction surgery?

This surgery is the procedure of removing extra fat, tissue, and skin from your breasts. Just like plastic surgery, breast reduction surgery falls under cosmetic procedures. Not unless the patient has related health issues that need a breast reduction.

Sometimes, they also refer to breast reduction surgery as reduction mammaplasty. Usually, an individual undergoes breast reduction surgery if they have large breasts or breasts that are not proportional to the body’s size. However, it is not only the size of the breasts that worry these patients. Other reasons come in handy to why an individual wants to undergo this plastic surgery procedure. Read a few of them below.


Other conditions associated with large breasts

  1. large breastsThey experience chronic back, neck or shoulder pain. In this case, the patient needs to take pain medications.
  2. Chronic rash or irritation occurs under the breasts of the patient.
  3. Persistent nerve pain.
  4. Due to their large breasts, they can do limited activities only.
  5. Additionally, with a large size, it also affects how they will portray their self-image.
  6. Furthermore, this condition brings difficulty when it comes to fitting clothes or brassieres.

Other factors can be associated with deciding to undergo breast reduction surgery. However, if you chose to undergo this procedure, what are the preparations you have to do?


Breast reduction surgery

Just like in plastic surgery, there are preparations that you have to make when you need to undergo breast reduction. Here are the factors you need to consider beforehand.

  1. You have to discuss your medical history to your plastic surgeon, including your family’s medical history as well.
  2. Your reason for undergoing this procedure is necessary. You have to explain it to your surgeon to let them see the bigger picture behind it.
  3. The surgeon will discuss with you the potential risks and complications inclined with the breast reduction.
  4. Moreover, the costs it will incur. Let’s dig into this some more later on.


What can you expect during and after the surgery?

During breast reduction, the surgeons will apply general anaesthesia to you. The procedure might include surgery through incisions and liposuction to remove the excess fats. Variations in the size of the breast after the procedure can happen. However, the surgeon will do their best to achieve symmetry for your breasts.

Additionally, it is important to realize that you will potentially have a scar after the procedure. The scar can fade over time during your healing process. But then again, it will not entirely disappear.

After your surgery, they will cover your breasts with a gauze dressing or bandages. During your healing period, you will feel tenderness and sensitivity. Furthermore, your breasts may also swell and have bruises.

Given these points, you should limit your physical activities while you are on your recovery period. You will come back to your surgeon sooner or later for a follow-up checkup. By this time, they will check your recovery and probably remove the stitches.

Now, let us discuss one of the significant factors you should know before undergoing breast reduction surgery. The cost!


Breast reduction cost

Based on estimation, breast reduction surgery can cost around $7,700 to more than $9,700. This cost only covers only a part of your potential final fee. Several associated fees can affect the total expense you can incur from undergoing breast reduction surgery. We have stated them below.

    1. The surgeon’s fee is the first factor to affect your total fee for this procedure. The more experienced your surgeon is, the higher the professional fee.
    2. The type of procedure that the surgeon will use also contributes to the cost variation. The procedure will depend on the condition of your breasts.
    3. Additionally, the location of the clinic will also take part in your cost variations. It may be the hospital or surgical facility costs.
    4. Relative to the surgery, there will be anaesthesia fees. The fee will depend on the kind of anaesthesia they will apply to you.
    5. You might also undergo other medical tests necessary for the procedure.
    6. Additionally, you will also cover up the expenses for the post-surgery garments that they will provide you.
    7. Afterwards, you will also be spending money on your medications during your recovery period.

This video can also provide you with information about the cost of breast reduction. Take time watching it.

All things considered, it would be best to request from your surgeon an estimation of your final fee. In this case, you would be able to prepare for it thoroughly. On the positive side, there are health insurance providers that cover expenses for breast reduction surgeries.

However, your plastic surgeon will also play a part in this. They have to obtain authorization from your insurance provider. Included in this authorization are a letter and related photos of your condition. These are the supporting documents they will need a subject for approval of your health insurance provider.



Breast reduction cost can become more than expensive, depending on your condition. This procedure usually falls under reconstructive surgery, so your chances of getting support from your insurance provider are good.

Moreover, it would help if you were well-prepared for the procedure. You should be ready physically, mentally and emotionally. You will be expecting significant changes in your body.

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